I haven’t blogged since Thursday? What’s wrong with me?

I’m a tired woman, that’s what.

This weekend FLEW by. Had lots of errands to run on Saturday with the kiddo. There were a few last minute things I needed to get for him for school. I’m officially out of money this week. Which sucks, since pay day until after Christmas. I suppose I’ll survive, though. The bills are paid and I have food in the fridge. And wine. And coffee. I couldn’t live without my coffee.

Church was good on Sunday. I plan to attend the candlelight service on Christmas Eve with my mom. Then she’s going to spend the night with me. And then my niece will be spending the three days after Christmas with my and the kiddo.

Speaking of the kiddo… he’s been counting down the days until Christmas. “Mom, only nine more days.”

He’s not excited or anything. I did break down and order him a force action lightsaber. Okay, so it was only $14 and I got it through Target.Com and they are delivering it right to my door. I hope it makes it here by Christmas… the expected delivery dayte is 12/24. I’m holding my breath.

I had somewhat of a cat litter debacle. I bought the wrong size liners – too small – which is a bad deal. I also bought the wrong kind of litter. The cat let me know about it too by pooping outside the box. Nice. So I had to rectify that Sunday.

By the way… NEVER EVER go to the “big” Wal-Mart (what my kid calls it) OR the pet store ten days before Christmas. What a nightmare!

Anyway, I bought the correct size liners (jumbo – another $10 sheesh) and got the cat all fixed up. He’s much happier with me. So happy in fact, he decided it was play time while I was on the phone with Mom. He kept jumping up and grabbing my arm. Goofy cat.

In other news… a rejection arrived in my inbox Saturday for the MAGIC book. I’m really not surprised and it wasn’t a bad rejection. The agent was gracious and told me placing the book would be difficult. I guess there’s just not a huge market for fantasy with romantic elements. I have another place I can sub it to, though. The only question is…continue with the rewrite? Or sub the previous final version? I haven’t decided yet.

It’s turned cold here. It was very windy on Saturday. After running around town, we came home and had hot chocolate, popcorn, a movie, and a fire in the fireplace. It was great. Plus I got some nice quality time with my kiddo.

And now it’s back to work. This is the last week of work for me before Christmas. I have the entire next week off. YAY! I’m totally looking forward to it.

By Michelle

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