Whoa…it’s Thursday?

I totally missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday! And I had SUCH a great post for it, too.

Oh well.

My blogging the long post was much more important. I’m sure everyone was RIVETED with my theater story. Come on, now. You know you were!

Progress Report:

  • 1758 words on Tuesday, January 1
  • 1955 words on Wednesday, January 2

Go me!

Let’s hope I make that word count for today.

Yesterday was totally uneventful. Wait, that’s not right. Let me start over.

Yesterday was a weird-ass morning. See? I’ve already purged it from my brain. I got up on time, got ready for work. And since I had the kiddo still, I got him up at 7 am so I could get him ready to take to his grandmom. Well, I got him dressed and all that and then went out to the garage to start the car and get it warm.

As I walked back into the house throught he garage…BAM! I smacked the kiddo with the door! It scared the life out of me. He was fine. He looked shocked and surprised and I was freaking out. He said, very quickly, “I’m okay. It didn’t hurt.”

But I could tell he was trying hard not to cry and it was killing me. So I hugged and fussed and kissed and made a big deal out of it. But he was fine. It didn’t even leave a red mark so I didn’t hit him that hard.

Five minutes later, we headed for the car. He usually gets in first while I put my stuff in the front. He has a hard time getting his seatbelt buckled around his thick coat (and it was BLOODY COLD yesterday morning, too), so I usually do it. Well, he shut the car door seconds before I got to him.

So I opened it. And the little stinker was holding onto the handle and nearly fell out of the car!


“What are you doing?!”

“HEY! I was holding on to that!” he shouts back.

He was using it as leverage to get up into his seat. Why he was on the floorboard of the car is beyond me.

I get him buckled. We get out of the house. The damn garage door won’t shut. I finally get it shut and have to get OUT of the car to stomp on the damn handle of the door to make it go down all the way (yeah, it’s still sick and doesn’t want to work right). Back in the car, get situated AGAIN, get the seatbelt on and we’re off.

Get to Grandmom’s house, drop him off. Hug and kiss and love on him and tell him to stay inside because it’s FREAKING cold outside (hey – 27 is cold for us Texans). He seems fine with it. I walk outside, get back in the car, get onto the road and am 2 seconds away from my cell phone rings.

It’s my child crying his eyes out because I didn’t “wave bye” to him. So I explained to him that I DID when I left him at the door and I gave him a hug and a kiss and it was okay because it was cold outside and he needed to stay inside. I talked him down. He was fine when we hung up a few minutes later.

But I got to work and felt like a total schmuck. I guess you have those days as a parent when you think – WHY THE HELL IS THIS SO HARD?

I think I have more gray hair.

By Michelle

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