Michelle Miles: Why I Love Fall

I love fall. It’s hands-down my favorite time of year.

October is hands down my favorite month of the year. It’s the time of year where you can finally – FINALLY – turn off the AC (at least down here in Texas). We can open the windows and get some fresh air through the house.

Plus I really love decorating for Halloween. But I don’t want it to be gory or scary. I just want cute and fun. I think we’ve achieved that this year with what we have. Over the last few years, the husband and I have been buying decorations. I add something new every year. This year, I added the oh-so-cool black cat you see here in the picture. He has a motorized head that moves back and forth. It’s SO CUTE! I love it. (But my real black kitty was not appreciative of the giant black cat as I put it together. As you see here.)

Not everything was lit up in this picture. We had to acquire more outlets for that. We lined the walkway with the cute little pumpkin lights.

I guess I love it because it marks the change in seasons for us here. That and you know it’s getting really close to the holidays (oof…I don’t even want to think about Christmas).

Speaking of Christmas, though, they’ve started putting out the decorations in most of the stores. We collect the little village houses and I was excited to see they’ve got them out and ready to purchase. Husband and I started last year and have vowed to add a new building every year. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas!

By Michelle

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