Why I Love To Spend

You know…I could so totally be indepdently wealthy. I love to spend money but not really on stuff that’s frivolous. I want stuff to make my house nice. (Okay okay so I want a pair of Manolo’s, so count that as frivolous.)

I got brave and went to Ikea yesterday. The hour long trek to the store was totally worth it as it gave me ides for the living room. They have the TV stand I’m hot to have and then bookshelves on either side with these beautiful etched glass doors (on the bottom only) and then shelves above the TV stand that go between the shelves. It looks awesome. It would look TOTALLY awesome in my house. hehe

But that’s $250 I can’t spend right yet.

So Lowe’s is having a no interest/no payments thing for 12 months on in-store purchases only. Do you realize how tempting this is for me? I want to go and use my credit card there SO BAD and buy all new ceiling fans, two new wall sconces for the entry and hallway, and a new dining room light. (Oh and a new porch light – might as well go all out, right? hehe) Updating the lighting in the entire house would sure make it a helluva lot nicer. Plus I’m sick of these butt-ugly tulip lights. OMG I hate them. They are so cheap-looking (it WAS a rent house before so I understand why…but still…). I have my eye on some cool retro looking scones and chandelier that have brushed nickel accents.

I want.

I also want new bathrooms, new kitchen cabinets, new flooring in the kitchen. I NEED a new AC unit, a new front storm door, and a back patio would be nice. I need a lawn mower, hedge timmers, weed eater. Screens for the front of the house. Lately, all I’ve wanted to do is spend money on the house. And I keep telling myself that I can do all this in time.

But because I’m a here-and-now kinda girl, it’s very hard for me to have some restraint sometimes. 🙂

I’m off to have another cup of coffee and talk myself out of spending more money.

It’s another beautiful day! 

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.