Why I Miss Having A Real Phone

french phoneWhen I was a teenager, I really wanted was a French phone. This was the 80s, people. I was spoiled and had a phone in my room. And a TV and VCR (am I dating myself here?).

The phone had a rotary dial and everything. I felt so cool dialing my friends. I could spend hours talking. HOURS. And we talked about nothing. In hindsight, I’m not sure what was so appealing about being on the phone for that amount of time but it’s what we did as teenage girls.

But anyway… we still have “real” phones at work but it’s not the same. You can’t yell at salespeople and then hang up angrily on them. Well, at least *I* can’t since I work in the executive wing and that would be unprofessional.

But I could do that when salespeople called the home phone. Except even my home phone is cordless and only has an END button, like the cell phone. Which means when I get really annoyed with the sales person on the other end, I can’t slam down the phone. It’s what I miss the most about having a real phone with a landline.

I think this meme sums it up nicely.

phone meme

By Michelle

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