Why I should never clean. EVER

Now that my book has been released into the wild I can finally do some catch-up blogging.

Hi! How are you? Did you have a nice holiday? Mine was over in a flash. I had the week of Christmas off and it was glorious and wonderful and smashing.

I came home from work on Friday, Dec 20 toting a bunch of little gifts I’d gotten from co-workers. My friend, Diana, gave me a lovely pair of Celtic earrings and a “Merry Christmas” wine glass. I was so excited about these that I put them on immediately and put my silver Brighton earrings on the card. Then I wrapped them in tissue and stuck them in the glass, thinking I would unload everything when I got home.

Well I got home that Friday and was so happy to be off for the next week I must have lost my mind. Husband and I did some final Christmas shopping that weekend and then prepared for Christmas. We decided to clean up the house because my mom was coming for Christmas Eve. Well, there was tissue paper, gift wrap, piles of junk mail, books and magazines stacked on the coffee table. You know, the usual clutter. We cleaned everything up. I unpacked all my gifts from work. Tossed the tissue paper and then put everything else in its place.

Christmas came and went. The Christmas mess with it. My husband is a stickler for recycling so he insisted we recycle all the wrapping paper and most of the tissue paper.

New Year’s Eve. That’s when I realized horror of horrors: when I organized all the little gifts I’d gotten from work, I had taken the tissue out of the wine glass and thrown it in the trash. It was long gone. I knew that. It also had my silver Brighton earrings wrapped in it.

I was sick. I’d had those earrings for years. I LOVED them. They were some of my favorite. So I was sad pretty much all day. I knew they had gone in the trash and the trash had been picked up days prior. I distinctly remember pulling the small square of tissue (not realizing my earrings were in it) and getting rid of it. I knew it was no use digging through the recycle because I hadn’t recycled that particular piece of tissue.

My only saving grace was that Brighton still sold them online! I was shocked. And elated! I immediately ordered another pair…and a new charm for my bracelet. Hey I couldn’t pass that up!

So, henceforth, I shall never again clean. Or at least forget to recycle…

By Michelle

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