Why me?

I seem to be on the hit list for jury duty for some reason. I got called for the fourth time in two years. I mean, REALLY? I know I’m a hot commodity, but enough already. 😉 I don’t understand why they love me so much. Have I mentioned I’ve been called four times in two years? It’s getting a bit on the ridiculous side. I know there are more registered voters/licensed drivers out there who are in need of being called. I live with one. 😉

Weekend was good. We went to see PRINCE OF PERSIA with the kids on Saturday and we all loved it. It’s a lot of fun. Total entertainment for two hours. I feel a Pop Culture Divas post coming on. The kid and I did some shopping at Best Buy, too. I caved and bought him a new Wii game and me a new cover for my iPhone (one that covers the edges and it’s soft so when I drop it, yeah… you know…). I also splurged and got myself an iTunes gift card. I was feelin’ the need for some tunes. Haven’t used it yet.

In fact I’m still rebuilding the system after installing Windows 7 (which, Col, by the way – AWESOME. Dump Vista – it’s crap compared to the greatness that is Windows 7). It’s so much easier to navigate and I love when you minimize programs you can get a snapshot by hovering over it in the taskbar. It’s great.

But I digress… Sunday was grocery shopping day. We usually go early but we didn’t hit the store until shortly after 11 am and it was busy. The condiment aisle was particularly jam-packed. There was this broad wearing sunglasses trying to look half her age by the way she was dressed who was pushing everyone out of her way to get to her stuff and not wanting to be patient and wait her turn. She nearly hit my kid with her cart and if she had… well, let’s just say… she’d need killin’. I’m afraid there might have been bloodshed on Aisle 10. And then while perusing the meats, I ran into a very old, very dear friend! I hadn’t seen her in ages. And we became those people I hate. You know, the ones who block the aisle and chit-chat. hehe Anyway, it was good to catch up for those 10 minutes (Hi, Sandy!).

I finished laundry, repotting my ailing aloe vera (seriously, I’m the only person I know who can KILL an aloe vera), cleaned the kitty box, filled up the bird feeders… and then went inside to collapse. It was right around 100 degrees all weekend. Not fun. We go from pleasant to searing hot in one day, but that’s Texas for you. However, we seem to be hotter earlier in the year. Which makes me fear July and August.

Anyway. After that I started gathering items for dinner. We grilled again. This time, the offering was hamburgers, steaks, chicken and corn on the cob. I also whipped up a tasty-licious cucumber salad (sis-in-law’s recipe with a twist of my own). I don’t know why, but I’d been craving a cucumber salad. For the dressing, I used olive oil and cider vinegar. Wow. Two thumbs way up.

And then the weekend was down and now I’m forced to face jury duty. *scowl*

Better get to it. Happy Monday, y’all.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.