Why Moms Have Gray Hair

Yesterday, my child and his buddy at school concocted a great idea – they were going to hang out together. My kiddo was going to ride home on the bus with his new BFF so they could play their new cool soldier game together. Oh yeah, and he was going to spend the night.

Imagine my surprise when I get a call from the teacher shortly before dismissal asking if my son was supposed to go home on the bus. Um. No. He’s supposed to go with his grandparents. The next call I got was from the kid himself. He wants to go to his friend’s house and play and he’s just going to get on the bus and go with him. Um. Again. NO!

Of course, his grandparents weren’t going to allow it either. Thank goodness they all have sense. haha We had a long discussion last night about the Rules and when he can and can’t go. I’m so glad the teacher had the forethought to call me bfore any of that happened.

Because…imagine for a moment, if you will… You’re 7 and you decide to go to your friend’s house because, in your world, that makes perfect sense. And now… Mom doesn’t know where you are and you don’t know your phone number to call Mom. Can you say “FREAK OUT”? I explained it to him that way, too. I told him how worried I would be if I didn’t know where he was. We also set the ground rules. I told him I didn’t mind him spending the night or going to his friend’s house, but I had no idea who his parents were and I needed to meet them first. We decided to invite him to his birthday party on Saturday. Maybe he can come and I can meet the other mom and then we can set up that play date.

Of course now that it’s all over with, I think how funny it was. He was certain his idea was brilliant and would work. And in his world, it would have if grown-ups hadn’t intervened. I had a good laugh about it with his grandparents and told his dad about it, too. I guess this is where it all begins, eh?

Truly, I’m thrilled he’s found a friend. I was starting to worry. But I swear, just thinking of what could have happened sent fear through me. I would have seriousl heart failure.

Anyway. Yes, still writing. Not much, but I am writing. And I’m cheering on my friend’s who aren’t writing (AHEM – you know who you are!). I’m also reading a good friend’s YA fiction and loving it. It’s fantastic. I’m devouring it and begging for more.

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day Weekend already. I’m glad it’s a three-day weekend, but it really snuck up on me. Tomorrow is my baby boy’s 7th birthday (*sniff*). We’re having a party at Chuck E Cheese with most of the soccer team. And then he goes to his dad’s for the rest of the weekend. Tonight, though, I told him he could open his gifts from me. Plus, I’m baking him his Birthday Brownie (instead of a cake – he didn’t want that…he’s Anti-Cake I guess). I’ve got to get by the store today at lunch and pick up some decoration for it so it’ll be “official”.

AND! It’s a Star Trek Marathon all weekend. WOOHOO! I’m gonna watch The Next Generation all day on Monday. Today is an all day marathon of Enterprise. Yeah. I’m a nerd. Man said perhaps I could truly earn my Geek Card on Monday. I stuck my tongue out at him. He’s mean. 😀

Okay so that’s it for me. Have a great long weekend, ya’ll! I’ll blog as I can. I’m going to hit the book store to see my book on the shelf in person. I’ll post pics!

By Michelle

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