Hey I’m blogging over at ShoeIQ. Check it out! (Forgot to mention it yesterday..doh) 

Why is it… when you think you’ve hit the point of exhaustion, you get a second wind?

Why is it… the second I get into my PJs, I realize I forgot to take the trash out?

Why is it… the cat waits until I clean up the litter after him that he goes and messes up the floor the second I’m done?

Just a few things I’m pondering.

Worked on Ransom & Fortune edits some. I find that when I visit with Skye and Dane, it makes me get the itchy finger to write another story. I’ve also had the urge to write another adventure story period.

After my high night before last, I managed to finally get to sleep. Of course, I didn’t sleep nearly as much as I needed. Woke up tired this morning and then was having a hard time keeping the eyelids aloft this afternoon.

I had a parent/teacher conference this evening to learn about the curriculum for the school. They are doing all sorts of cute things. The 4th grade class comes and helps with them and they are reading buddies. I thought that was SO cute. I’m so pleased with this school. It really is terrific and everyone I’ve met has been great. They really care about these kids.

And nowadays, the kids in kindergarten are doing what I did as a first grader. He’ll even have homework.

Oh well. It’s good for him, I suppose. He was reading at 4, so I’m sure he won’t have any problems.

Let’s see…what else is gong on. LOTS. And way too much to blog about. There is something happening, but I don’t want to talk about it yet until I have more concrete information. Don’t want to jinx myself, you know?

And – hey – not only is it Friday, but it’s payday, too! (Not that it really matters. It’s just an exchange program – I exchange my money for bills. How fun is that?)

Happy Friday, ya’ll.


By Michelle

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