Winners and… other (deep) stuff

Okay – so! Congrats to the two winners of the signed books:

Amy S

Please email me your snail mail address and I’ll get them in the mail for you. YAY!

Can I just say…Thank GOD for the school system? It’s like I have a different kid. He’s so…agreeable. He does what I ask. When I ask. I haven’t had to fight him to get him in the tub. It’s … nice. And weird!

Anyway. Here he is on his first day of second grade. He’s so dang cute I can’t stand it.

He told me at length about the Smiley Face System in which you get a happy face if you were good and a sad face if you weren’t following directions, finishing work, or listening. I told him most definitely we want to always have happy faces. He agreed! And then he told me he bumped his head on the playground. No lump but he said it was sore. Poor guy.

I’m just glad he’s back in school and soccer. I think it helps if he can interact with other kids. He needs that social time. And I need my sanity. 😀

Tonight is soccer practice. YAY. <sarcasm>I get to stand out in the 95 degree heat for an hour.</sarcasm>

In other news… I’m writing! Yes, folks. I am. I started writing in longhand over the lunch hour and took it to the computer last night. Got about 1000 words in. And I have my handy plot board to keep me on track and in good company. I’m getting back into the story (and thinking of the sequel) so I’m really looking forward to getting it finished. I’ve been reading agent blogs religiously of late and BookEnds had a terrific post about futzing here. What really stood out for me was the final paragraph – it made so much sense – and I realized what a terrible thing I’ve done to myself: I’ve not planned ahead. And I’ve not looked forward. I sort of thought this writing thing would just happen for me. But what I failed to realize was – It will never just happen. It’s work. Hard work. And if I have any hope at all of succeeding like I want to succeed, I need to get off my ass and make it happen. I need to map out clear goals of where I want to go instead of shrugging and saying, I want to write books.

Well. That’s fine and dandy, Mik, but every Tom Dick and Harry wants to write a book.

So I did some hard thinking and I took a long look at myself and my life. And it was really hard to tell myself how lazy I’ve been. And how disappointing it is. I don’t want to let myself down again. All I can do it try and it may take me years to get to the level I want to achieve. And you know… that’s okay. I’m still young and most writers write until, well, they can’t anymore.

I’ve also volunteered to judge another contest. Seems they were running short. I should get some entries here soon. I figured as long as I keep myself enmeshed in the writing world, it will keep me motivated and inspired.

Okay. Enough of that deep thought stuff. I’m contemplating changing the name of the blog. Ye Olde Inkwell is starting to get tiresome for me. Plus I have a good idea of what I’d like to change the name to…I’m just thinking here. What do ya’ll think? Talk amongst yourselves whilst I get my kiddo to school.

P.S. I was so bad last night. I totally SPLURGED and spent $75 on Sex and the City paraphanalia. Okay, so like I NEEDED it but OMG I finally found a tote with a stiletto on it! It so rocks. I can’t wait to get it. YAY!

Seriously going now…

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