Winter Blast

Okay – so we’ve gone from Ice Alert to Winter Blast. I guess it depends on what channel you’re watching. 🙂

It’s COLD! A whopping 25 degrees with a high today of 31. The roads have a nice sheen of ice on them. And there’s no way I’m going to be driving on them. At least not for a while. I think I’ll hang out at the house with the cat, drink some coffee, and head to the office closer to noon when it’s a tad warmer and the roads have been driven on some.

I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this…but, I’m DYING to get back to work. I’m tired of sitting around the house. And you’d think I would be writing my tail off. No. I think I wrote like three words. I just wasn’t in the mindframe for it, which is a very bad thing.

I’ve been thinking about the writing lately, though. A lot. I remember when I was writing the serials and I had the deadline. I wrote 1000 words every single night. In bed on the laptop. So I think maybe I need to get back to that system. It worked for me. So, starting tonight, I think I’ll get into bed with the laptop and write.

Anyway… the news is on and there are a lot of wrecks. I can drive in just about any condition, but icy roads scare me to death. I’m brewing a pot of coffee and I think I’ll go ahead and jump in the shower before it gets too much later. I always like to be prepared. The only problem is, I have no idea what to wear to work. Think they’ll let me wear my pajama bottoms?


By Michelle

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