Winter Is Dreary

It’s snowing here again. Small flakes. I don’t think it’ll be a “winter event” like the last one but it’s definitely snowing again. Most of the white stuff will be south of us. Which is good because I don’t think I can deal with it any more. 😀

Yesterday was hectic from start to finish. I have a feeling today will be, too. We have basketball practice tonight which is probably the most painful hour of my life. I know, that’s a terrible thing to say but, really it is. Sitting on those hard benches in the gym…oof.

I did manage about 500 words yesterday. I also managed to finish a synsopsis for a sci-fi I’d started a while back. Hey at least now I have some direction. I’m also developing an online workshop with a friend of mine so we can start making some extra money. We have the outline down and now we just need to come up with some lectures and examples from fiction.

I’ve been feeling scattered lately. Like I can’t get my thoughts together. I think it’s a case of too many balls in the air. I know once I get past May, though, things will be somewhat calmer for a few months. At least that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

Time for work. Happy Tuesday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.