Winter Is Over

It was a gorgeous weekend. The high was in the lower 70s. No need for a jacket. I loved it.

I had my RWA chapter meeting on Saturday morning and then went to lunch with the gals. Then it was back home and Man and I ran around the rest of the day. We didn’t get home until nearly 9. But we did our share of helping to boost the economy. 😉 First stop, Lowe’s. We looked at gutters, a storm doors, at paint samples, at power tools, at plants. I got a lovely ivy for my desk at work and a new pot. Then it was to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Yummy. We even stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond and I got a new storage cabinet – the kind that sits over the toilet. The usefulness for the one I had expired. It was rusty and gross and in need of replacing.

Then we headed to the mall. I had a spending bug really bad this weekend. I think it was part Spring Fever and part just wanting to part with some cash. 😀 I knew I shouldn’t have gone to the mall but it was so enticing. I ended up at Coach while Man went into Eddie Bauer. We both came out a little poorer. Then it was on to Nordstrom’s where we both looked at shoes. I petted a lovely pair of leopard print Betsy Johnson’s. MmMm. I didn’t buy them, though. We headed to Dillard’s next. He was in search of a new belt but they didn’t have what he wanted so we decided to head home. Last stop was JCPenney. The store has been remodeling lately and they have a HUGE jewelry section now. We browsed. Not that we’re in the market for anything but it’s fun to look.

Got home late and exhausted!

Sunday he had to go to the office and I went grocery shopping. It was  light week for me but I still spent the budget amount of money. Figures. I got a whole fryer chicken, though, and we had my mom’s friend chicken for dinner. It was just the way I remember Mom’s and full of tasty goodness. Golden, crispy crust and juicy perfect meat. My mouth is watering at the thought.

We went BACK to Lowe’s for a $2.00 item (mistake). I ended up getting that new storm door (WAHOO!) – they will come out in the nex few days to take measurements and see what else we need. And then I’ll get it installed. I CAN’T WAIT. The one I have now is awful. The screen is being held together with duct tape and the dumb thing won’t shut all the way. So out with the old! The new one has a disappearing screen and OOO I love it. I can’t wait to get it. Man couldn’t resist the power tools and he ended up coming home with a new drill. And we got flower seeds and herb seeds (I’m going to try my hand at growing my own herbs) and a bunch of other miscellaneous crapola we needed and wanted. haha

Went to the Farmers Market and bought fresh fruit and veggies. Came home. He put together the new cabinet while I cleaned the litter box and repotted the plant. Then I cooked dinner and finished laundry and by 8 pm, I was exhausted again. But we had a great, full, weekend and it was awesome and I loved it and I detest the fact that today is Monday. Ah well. It’s Spring Break! I hope to take at least one day off to take the kiddo back to the museum. That’s what he wants to do anyway.

And so. I think we can officially say that winter is over! We may have one more cold snap but that’ll be it. I’m SO ready for warmer weather (but not the hot as Hades summer). Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Now…it’s back to reality. Boo.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.