Old Man Winter has finally arrived here in North Texas and oh my stars is it cold!

Yesterday afternoon, I left work and picked up the baby from the sitter at 5:15. It was still 78 degrees. by the time I got home – 10 minutes later – it was 40 degrees. NO LIE! The bitter cold front brought with it rain. Cold rain. It started to storm shortly after 7 and rained well into the night. By midnight, when I was talking to The Man as he left his restaurant, it was POURING down rain. And thundering and lightning. Which also meant I got a visitor in my bed.

Sweetie Boy climbed into bed with me and curled up against me. The Man said he fully expected his kids to do the same thing when he got home.

So today – it’s about 34 degrees F and dropping. The roads are wet but not iced over yet. By noon, the high is supposed to be about 29 and then by 5 pm it’ll be about 24. With freezing rain, sleet and snow possible. The “Arctic Blast” has been all over the news and is the top story.

Those of you who live up north are probably laughing that this is even newsworthy. But this is Texas, you know, and when things like this happen in Texas, it’s news. It’s also cause for concern. Businesses and schools close for the day – which hasn’t happened yet. No one knows how to drive on this stuff here today and so it causes major accidents and bad traffic.

Tomorrow morning is supposed to be bitter cold again, so we’ll see how the roads are then.

Anyhoo… I’m actually looking forward to having the baby with me, snuggling up together and staying warm this afternoon. I’m even going to make a pot of coffee. Just wish I had all the stuff to make potato soup!

Okay gotta get to work… Stay warm!

By Michelle

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