Woe and Torment

Can I just whine for a moment that it’s hot? GAW! When are we going to have cooler temps here? Sheesh.

I got about four hours of sleep (restless sleep) last night. Which means I should be completely worthless by this afternoon. :dead:

However, I did get my first round of edits for A Bend In Time, the first Ransom & Fortune book. Woohoo!

Yesterday was a total and utter beating at the job. It was one of those days I was wishing for death by 3 pm. Since I didn’t sleep worth a crap the night before, I started to bonk by afternoon. Didn’t help I had a delectable meal on my stomach making it worse. We had a new gal start in the department and the boss took us all out to lunch to this really great French place. I had the grilled pork chop, yummy mashed taters, and broccoli. By the time I picked up the baby though, I was starving.

I’m so glad I checked his backpack, too. He had a school assignment. He was appointed as the Letter Expert for the letter F. Oh my gosh that is so darn cute I could cry. Anyway, he had to bring something that started with the letter F for school – of course by tomorrow. I called his dad who was having an absolutely horrible day (his AC went out). So I told him I’d handle it.

It was a great excuse to go to Wal Mart. Woohoo!

Do you know how bloody hard it is to find a freaking toy that begins with the letter F? I think I was in that store for 45 minutes. And of course the baby was like “Mom, come look at THIS” every 5 minutes and “MOM! They have a Ben 10 watch!” and “MOM! I really want this!” I had to remind him that his birthday is NEXT WEEK and he wasn’t getting anything out of me but a thing for his school assignment. Besides, he’s getting a ton of junk from me next week because I’ve already bought all his birthday presents. $150 worth. Yeah, he’s rotten. :hehe: And that’s of course not to mention all the stuff he’s going to get from his dad and from my family and his family. Man, that kid is going to clean up.

ANYWAY – Finally, I found a little fish for $5.00. Success! But as I was heading out of the toy area and into the office supplies area… there it was. In all its glory. Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. A very close up of his yummy face. A poster. Only $4.00. I drooled. I quickly began to look for the poster. Fear wracked my entire body as I searched for the one called DEPP. WHY? WHY couldn’t I find it? But WAIT! There it was! And there were only TWO left. I snatched it up.

So… Mr. Johnny Depp is hanging on my bedroom wall. And someday when I have an office, I will have Aragorn on one wall and Jack Sparrow on the other. Now, all I need is the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (the movie – Gerard Butler) and I will have a very happy office to call my own. I love them. I do.

Okay I totally need coffee and ya’ll – it’s Wednesday. Happy hump day!


By Michelle

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