My spring break has officially started. HAPPY!

This morning I have RWA and then I have some other things to do this afternoon, including grocery shopping. Three more contest entries to read and then I can get on to the edits I need to do for BREAK. I haven’t been able to write the last couple of days because I’ve been so busy and it’s making me cranky. I hope to get some writing time in this next week, too. At least a little.

Last night, I was avoiding doing things I really needed to do (finish paying bills, reading contest entries, doing the treasurer’s report), so I instead organized all my CDs. I bought a binder and some of those CD binder pages. I went through and pulled out all my programs and drivers and put them in the book along with all my backup CDs. For the rest that wouldn’t fit, I organized them by type. It’s SO much better organized now and I know where all my program disks are. It was driving me crazy.

The next thing I’m going to organize is all my printing supplies – regular paper, photo paper, specialty paper, labels. How much paper does a girl need? But then again, I do have three printers (a B&W, a color, and a photo printer). I’m about to be in the market for a new B&W printer though. This one is good, but I need something faster and that can printer lots and lots of pages (i.e., a 300 page ms.) without nearly burning up. 😉

Okay I’m totally rambling here. I need to go jump in the shower, make the bed, and start some laundry.

It’s Spring Break! YAY!

By Michelle

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