Work Out Day #2

Shocking, right? I got up this morning and did a 30 minute workout – thighs, butt, and power stretch. OMG I feel so energized! I am loving this workout DVD because I can mix and match the workouts, just pick one, or do them all. It’s bloody wonderful. As soon as I can master the beginning tone exercises, I’m going to move up to another more difficult one. I want to get my body used to the idea of working out before I totally shock it into major workout mode.

Then I actually ate a healthy breakfast.

I also got up this morning to find cat garf in three different places. Nice. I think he must have a sensitive tummy or something because I switched to a different brand of cat food. I might have to go back the the really expensive Iams stuff. *sigh*

Worked on The Book last night – got another 4 pages in which means Chapter 11 is complete! I’m getting there but my gaw it’s slow going. I keep thinking that if I can get past this major chunk, it’ll go a lot faster. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. Chapters 9 and 10 were so fast-paced that it’s time to slow things down a little for 11 and 12. It’s Wednesday, which means LOST finale AND I need to get another chapter done.

Sweetie Boy has his end of year party today at the school and then tomorrow is awards day. That is so cute. Then he has a doctor’s appoinment Friday afternoon – more ear problems. I think it’s blocked by wax again. So this should be another lovely experience with getting the ear flushed. Hoo-Ray.

Okay gotta started the day… I have to be at the school shortly!

By Michelle

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