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I was fairly productive yesterday. I polished up chapters 1 and 2 of Phoenix. I got back some good feedback on them so I wanted to get the changes incorporated. Chapter 2 was most difficult, mostly because I realized I had some serious motivational issues and I missed out on a bunch of emotional punches I could have made with Cassius. Hopefully I’ve got that fixed now. Plus, I had a light bulb moment with Elena. Gotta love that.

I finally finished reading through all the lectures of the Deep Edits class. I think some of the stuff are things I can apply in the future. I guess I’m weird – I have a hard time applying that stuff to already written work. I guess because in my head, that’s done with and I’m ready to move on to the next one. And writing fresh stories can be so much more fun than editing the old stuff. 🙂

The Deep Edits class had a lot of material to get through. Each lecture (9 or them) had 30-40 pages each. EACH. But Margie is a fantastic teacher and if you want to go deeper with your work, then you should look into getting her lecture packets from her website for the class. Plus, she gives fantastic suggestions on craft books (which reminds me! I need to go buy one… I have 15% off from BN AND a gift card…).

I still have some contest entries to judge but I took some time off from that. Hopefully I can get those done and finished this week and out of my hair. I love judging but I always ALWAYS over-volunteer. Figures. One of these days I’m going to keep better track of that.

Man managed to get the front mowed last night but ran into a hiccup when he was about to start the back. Apparently, there was a baby Mockingbird who was trying to learn how to fly. And he was having trouble getting off the ground. I wonder of Mamma shoved him out of the nest? Anyway, any time either of us got near it, the Mamma and Daddy bird would dive bomb. Mockingbirds are SUPER protective of their young. Eventually the bird managed to take flight (I hope) because I didn’t see him in the yard anymore right before dark.

I have to confess… since we got the bird feeder in the back, I have really enjoyed watching the birds. We have all sorts that come around. Mostly doves and sparrows. But every now and then we get the pair of cardinals, a blue jay and (my personal favorite), a woodpecker. He’s gorgeous, too. With a bright red head and white and black body. I love watching him.

Instead of mowing the backyard, Man went back to the front and dug up another bush. We have four more to go now! We’re getting there. I say “we” but he’s doing all the hard manual labor. These are tough to get up. Their roots are fat and go deep under the foundation of the house. One of the roots was as big around as my arm. Those damn things. I’m so ready to have a nice flower bed. When I get it planted, all that hard work is going to pay off.

And I guess that’s about it for me! I’m headed to work. And today should prove to be another scorcher. Lovely. Where is that rain they keep teasing us with?

By Michelle

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