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I want to thank Devon for being my guest here yesterday. I’m a huge fan of her work – and you should be, too! The winner of HEX BREAKER is Marie-Claude Bourque. Congrats!

I took the comments on switching WIPs to heart. I’ve stuck with Phoenix all week and have made it through chapter five. I’ve been trying to beef up the story and fix glaring errors. I’m thoroughly enjoying this world and I’ve grown quite fond of Elena and Cassius. I think it would do them a disservice to stop working on their story this week. Next week I’m going to try and work on Delilah’s story, though she’s really not stomping her feet and demanding it yet.

I also want to thank those who stopped by Selena Blake’s blog the other day to leave comments. It’s nice that my story about stepping outside the comfort zone rang with so many of you. There’s still time to leave a comment or two, if you want to stop by. Just click here.

I have three monthly blog posts I need to get written, one for sure this week (due Monday). I haven’t decided what the topic will be yet so I need to get on that and get it posted. I have a little bit of time left for the other two.

Found out yesterday, too, that I volunteered to judge for TWO categories of the same contest. I guess I need to keep better notes in the future on that. Now I have NINE more entries to read. Thankfully I have at least a month to read them all and get them done. I think my head needs a break from judging, so I’m allowing myself to do that over the next week or so.

Devon – regarding my son and his behavioral problems. Yes, I totally agree with you. His dad and I both think he’s bored in class because it’s all so easy for him. The teacher didn’t seem to think so. We missed the testing for the advanced classes, but we’re going to try and get him tested next year. It’s in October of the school year. We try to challenge him at home with math and reading.

Whatever his dad said to him on Monday night – and maybe what I said to him, too – seems to have worked. He’s been an angel in school this week. I have a lovely surprise for him, too. Spring Break is a little more than a week away, so I plan to go pick up my nephew who is a year older than him for a few days. It’s going to be a blast! I’m going to use that fully to my advantage – do good in school and Cousin Z gets to come. Do bad, and I call it all off.

The Well-Fed Writer should arrive today. I’m looking forward to reading that. Plus, I’ve been reading my book on query letters and it’s been insightful into freelancing for me. I’ve learned a lot and had a few light bulb moments. I love those. Don’t you? I still have a lot of researching and planning to do if I’m going to make this happen. Determination and Perseverance are two of the most important elements to get there. I know I have both of those.

By Michelle

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