Writing to The End

booksI had set a personal goal of finishing the third “knight” book by March 1. I’d been working on it steadily for the last few months and trying really hard to get it done.

I’m excited to say I managed to finish it last week. It was a thrill to be able to put that final piece of the puzzle into place. See, the thing about me is I don’t always write in sequence. I knew the end and knew how I wanted it to end so I wrote that somewhere along the way. I wrote the last 25,000 words a few months ago while I was still in the first 50,000 words.

I have to admit I had a hard time writing from that point to the end. Of course it didn’t turn out as I thought it would but it did turn out. I managed to piece it all together and have the emotional, wonderful ending.

I’m pleased with the story overall. Now comes the hard part – editing, writing the synsopsis and the blurb. Luckily I have a rudimentary synsopsis that I can use as a go-by to get started. I actually edited as I went so the editing wasn’t all that intense. It’s in the hands of my critique partners.

For fun… here are the opening lines of A Knight To Remember.

Henry Chase knew someone kept a watchful gaze on him even while he feigned sleep. A chill ran through him making all the hairs on the back of his neck stand at attention and his scalp tingle. He scented the soft aroma of something decidedly feminine in the stale air of the hotel room. He heard the faint rustle of clothing. He shifted on the lumpy mattress and cracked open one eye to peer through the shadows at the tall, lithe, curvy body standing rigid.

If he’d been in his own bed he would have reached for his baseball bat. One could never be too careful. Since he was in Dumfries, Scotland, he had no weapon. No way to defend himself from the intruder.

Her golden hair cascaded over her shoulders in silky waves. Who she was, he didn’t know. How did she get into his room? He’d locked the door. She couldn’t have climbed through the window because it didn’t open.

© Michelle Miles, 2013

By Michelle

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