Quote du Jour:
“When you come in on Monday, and you’re not feelin’ real well, does anyone ever say to you, ‘Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays’?”
–Peter, Office Space

It’s a well known fact that I hate Mondays. I despise Mondays. Since I can’t stand the beginning of the week, I thought it only fitting to do 10 Things I hate. See below.

I didn’t want to get out of my nice comfy bed this morning. Those 350 thread count sheets are the bomb. Who knew they would be so great?

DH’s alarm went off at 5 am and shortly after that DS woke up needing to go potty. I will be so glad when he figures out how to do that on his own. Of course, he didn’t go back to sleep right away and heard his daddy leave. Which meant he went to wailing because he didn’t want him to go. So I ended up letting him climb in bed with me.

Okay, that was a mistake. Let me just say, having a cuddly little boy next to you is a bad bad thing when you don’t want to wake up in the morning and get going. Plus, he fell asleep at about 5:45, so I knew I was in for a difficult morning.

I bribed him with donuts to get him going. It worked. We stopped at the usual place, where the lady knows our names, and I got him six donut holes.

It was hard for me NOT to stop at Starbucks this morning. I should be getting my $5 gift card pretty soon since I took their survey a week or so ago.

Today, as far as the writing goes, I’d like to work on the adventure serial. I only have FOUR more issues to write and then it’s done. FOUR MORE ISSUES, folks. Maybe I can get going on that this week. If I knew what I was doing, it would make it a heckuva lot easier.

I also want to work on the contemporary some more.

Forgot the gym bag, so I’ll be missing on that. Unless I got later, like after a light dinner or something. I might do that. DH is going birthday shopping for the boy after work, so he’ll be home late. This week, I’ve got to get to Party City and get the stuff for his birthday. Saturday I have to order the cake. I’ve got to buy wrapping paper for all his gifts. And I still need to get the invitations out. Yeah, I’ve been a bit on the slow side this year.

Well, time to work. Below are today’s 10 Things.

10 Things that Annoy the Hell out of Me

1. Elevators. People who feel the need to strike up a conversation while trapped in an elevator. I don’t want to be in this confined space with you, buddy, so don’t talk to me. Even if I am holding a cup of Starbucks.

2. Arrogance. I can’t stand people who look down on me because they think they’re better than me.

3. The One-Upper. If you ask me a question, I give you an answer, don’t one-up me. In other words, don’t tell me how much better/faster/cuter/greater you are. I really don’t care and you’re just going to annoy me.

4. Slow Drivers. Don’t you understand I don’t want to piddle behind you? I want to get on down the road. I have things to do, people to see. So what if I’m breaking the speed limit.

5. Fast Drivers. If I’m doing the speed limit or five over, just go around. Drafting behind me is not acceptable and I’ll just slow down to piss you off more. Additionally, don’t speed up, fly around me, get in front of me and then slow down.

6. Line Cutter. At the grocery store, when I have a cart full of groceries, don’t race me to get in line in front of me when you have an overflowing cart. I’ll just give you the hairy eyeball the entire time you’re in line.

7. Drive-Thru. When I ask if you have any specials, elaborate. I really do want to know and just answering the question with a yes and then silence (what, am I supposed to read your mind?) really isn’t enough. Also, when I get to the window, have waited for twenty minutes for my order, don’t open the window and ask me what I’m waiting on.

8. Hands Off. So my kid is in your way? Don’t touch him and gently nudge him out of your way, you big fat blond cow. I’ll kick your teeth in.

9. Office Hello. Wait until I have at least one cup of coffee before you sing-song your good morning to me. Okay? I’m not a morning person. Really. No, REALLY.

10. More Elevators. Don’t hurry to get to the elevator just because you don’t want me ‘sharing’ your space. Don’t whisper about your dysfunctional lives because I really could care less. Unless it’s really juicy, then I might use it in my fiction. If I can remember it long enough to write it down, that is. Also… Don’t hover outside the elevator doors and then charge on when CLEARLY, there are those who are trying to get off. Continuing to bully your way onto the cab, giving me a fake smile and a muttered “excuse me” will not make me think highly of you. You rude bastard.

Hm. I guess I have issues with elevators, don’t I?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.