Yay! It’s Friday!

I’m blogging today (I know – AGAIN, you say?) at Samhain. My post will be up at 3 pm, entitled Plotting The Michelle Way. Check it out if you get a chance and THANK YOU for all your continued support. 🙂

It’s Friday! Always a great day of the week. I’ve got the kid this weekend, which is always fun, and tomorrow is my mommy’s birthday. We’re headed out to her house for barbeque chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, garlic bread and fun. Man has agreed to contribute toward the gift, so I’m going to order a nice flower arrangement from a local florist.

The kiddo has been quite funny lately. I bought him this children’s dictionary and he finds great fun in looking up words. Plus, it’s chockfull of pictures and all kinds of cool fun facts in the back. He was reading the dictionary the other night at the table while Man worked. He comment was, “Only your kid would like reading the dictionary.” HA! It’s true, though. My child is a lot like me, which could be scary to the rest of the world. 😉

Since the kiddo has had some troubles at school (he tends to lose focus and HM I wonder where he gets THAT?) so the ex and I have been really trying hard to keep him on track. The ex taught him what procrastination means and I taught him what concentration means. Yesterday morning as we got ready for school, I reminded him what those words mean. I said, “Don’t procrastinate but DO concentrate!” Maybe that will help.

I also gave the ex the Cub Scouts information – they meet on Monday nights – so he said he’d get in contact with them since that’s his day. I get soccer days (Thursday – and I nearly froze to death last night). I think Scouts will help the kiddo get his head out of the clouds some and back to Earth. Maybe he’ll get that focus back. Plus, I think it’ll be really good for him and his dad to spend some quality time together that doesn’t involve, you know, shooting things. Hehe

And in other news… I’ve decided to go for it. I’m going to take the plunge and do the query-go-round and see what I get out of it. Probably a stack of rejections. 🙂 But I figured I’ll just give it a try and see what happens. Couldn’t hurt, right? All they can say is no, RIGHT?

Okay, so I’m researching agents and starting to compile my list. I’ve even written a draft of a query letter but I want to research more in-depth to see what these folks rep before I just shoot off 23409 query letters. I want to get personal. (Okay, not TOO personal. I’m not a stalker after all.) And I have to admit, I have this little tingle of excitement. Which will probably turn into the tingle of depression, but hey! You don’t know until you try! So. I’m going to try.

Hold me. I’m scared.

Just kidding. I’m shooting to have the edits done and ready to go by March 1. I hope I can get it done but I have 10 contest entries to read between now and March15. And a friend’s WIP.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

By Michelle

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