Yay! Olympics!

I was on Olympics overload this weekend. That’s all I did from Friday night until last night. That swimming relay race was totally exciting and I am SO GLAD our boys beat the French! Especially after that snide comment that they were going to “smash” the Americans. Take that, FRA!

Can’t wait for more tonight. I will definitely be tuned in.

Got my new curtains up! YAY! Paint was bought so I’m painting this weekend. I’m taking a vacation day on Friday to get started.

Went to Brother’s yesterday to help them paint. They did this faux finish on their wall and it was totally easy AND it looked awesome once we finished. With the three of us, we got it done in about four hours. The faux finish, though, looks disgusting in its wet state (like putting cottage cheese on the wall) and it smelled awful.

And that’s about it for me for the weekend. I didn’t do much at all. It was actually kinda nice.

Off to work!

By Michelle

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