Year in Review

Before I get started this morning, check out my post over at the Scruffy Dog Review blog. You can see it here.

Now that 2005 is coming to a close, I thought I’d look back on the year and see what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve done. To do that, I’m going to use my (sorely) neglected 2005 GDR (Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions), which is the brainchild of my good friend, Devon.

I won’t go through the entire list of questions, just highlight a few of them.

What project did you leave unfinished last year that you need to finish for your own peace of mind?
The sequel to the novel. I would love to do a mini-synopsis/outline and get it started and as close to completed as possible. Target word count: 100,000 words.

As of today, the sequel to “the novel” – I’m referring to MAGIC here – has not even been a glimmer of a thought. Nope – didn’t get it done.

What creative goals do you want to achieve over the next year?
Get work published in some print magazines; finish up one of the two serials (probably the romance) and perhaps pitch a new one; try to do some nonfiction articles; search for an agent

Didn’t get published in any print magazines. I DID finished not one, but both serials shortly before KIC died. No nonfiction articles (who am I kidding? I don’t do nonfiction). I did search for an agent – to no avail.

With what new type of writing will you experiment in the coming year?
I think I’d like to delve into some nonfiction, do a travel article for the new KIC print magazine

Um .. again .. who am I kidding on the nonfiction stuff? I did none of that. Instead, the new type of writing I DID experiment with was very sensual romance. And got it published! WOO! Talk Dirty To Me will be out in July. I’m turning in the art form TODAY. I can’t wait to get my cover.

What writing breakthrough this past year made you the proudest?
I started the serials! I have 50 issues for each serial written and done and have made an outline of where I need to be to finish the romance.

Yes. I did start those serials and finished them. Scars of Yesterday weighed in at 135 issues and Ransom & Fortune ended up with 126 issues. Each issue was between 1000-1200 words. So DAMN that’s a lot of writing! In some ways I miss the deadline writing, in other ways, I’m so glad it’s over.

As far as writing goes, it was a good year. I finished the serials, I wrote the novella and got it accepted, I started the rewrite of MAGIC. I wrote a couple of poems that appeared over at Circadian.

In my day-to-day world, my son finally got potty trained (:!:), I changed jobs, made up with my best-good friend, got published, launched the new blog, changed the format three times (am exceedingly happy with this design). It was a decent year.

In 2006, my goals are simple. Finish the rewrite of MAGIC (just finish it already), finish the second in the Coffee House Chronicles, and pitch BOTH to Samhain. Eventually, I’d like to revamp the serials. But for now, I’ll just stick to writing/rewriting the aforementioned books.

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