…was not one of my better days.

I screwed up my blog (but managed to fix it later). I made a major error on the contest and had to do damage control. I was so ticked at myself I could hardly stand it. Then I went to a Tupperware party, vowing I wouldn’t buy a thing, and ended up $23 lighter in the bank account. Which is okay because the thing I bought it totally awesome and Best Good Friend says she can’t live without hers. It’s a mixing bowl thingy.

I DID get my free shoes from Easy Spirit as well. 🙂 You can see them pictured here. They are super ultra comfy and I totally love them. I’ll be reviewing them on ShoeIQ tomorrow.

Most folks who know me, would look at these and say they are NOT Michelle Shoes. But even a gal who wears stilettos every single work day has to have a pair of comfy shoes every now and then. Right? 🙂 Anyway – they are great and I love them.

Today the baby boy goes back to his dad and I head off to the movies to see 300 with Brother and Best Good Friend. I can’t wait to see this movie. I’ve been pining away for it for months. I’m just thrilled I can get someone to go with me to see it. Of course, for them, it has nothing to do with Gerard Butler and everything to do with Frank Miller (they loved Sin City – a movie I just couldn’t sit through).

And that’s it for me! I gotta jump in the shower. I feel more rested today and not nearly as braindead as yesterday. When I get home tonight, though, it’s back to Revision Hell. I did allow myself one day off after all.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.