Yesterday…and Today

Fifteen hours on my feet in boots with 4 inch heels have destroyed my feet. But I had a GREAT time yesterday.

The banquet went well and I heard ladies in the restroom saying it was the best one yet. I couldn’t wait to find the boss and tell her. The entertainment was a magician by the name of David Hira and he was really entertaining and very funny. He did some magic tricks that blew us all away.

Then we played a game sort of like “Let’s Make A Deal” and it was hilarious. A lot of crowd interaction. My friend Jen and I were like Vanna – we revealed the clues and the boxes.

I swear we didn’t plan our outfits – the really funny thing is I was wearing a black skirt and she was wearing black pants (that’s me on the right, by the way).

The day wrapped up with closing remarks, mingling, and getting our gifts from the company – a jacket, a shirt, a mug and miscellaneous other things.

After cleaning up the banquet room and collecting all our goodies, it was after five before we got out there. Jen and I headed to the mall in search of more comfortable shoes. We were both dying. (My poor feet are still sore.)

After making our purchases, we headed to the other side of the world to meet two of her friends and see The Man at his restaurant. He had made us a reservation for 7:30 – only we didn’t get there until almost 8. They gave us a pager and we waited all of 5 seconds for a table. It was so cool. (The rest of the folks who weren’t lucky enough to have an “in” had a two hour wait..ha.)

He took our drink order as we got settled at the table. Our server was wonderful (Greta!) – when the nearby booth freed up she moved us. Of course, when The Man saw this, he told me to stop being a pain. haha He brought us two different kinds of appetizers and picked our entrees for us and dessert. We lingered for two hours and he visited every chance he got and chatted with us and cracked up the girls. We had a GREAT time.

After an hour drive, I got home around 11 and was beat. I literally fell into bed and slept until 9. It was glorious.

Today – I have the chapter Christmas party here at the house. I need to do a little cleaning, run to the store, and get things set up. I’m going to try to take it easy today and not kill myself – especially since I’m still tired from yesterday.

I guess I better get going. I have leftovers from The Man’s restaurant calling my name! 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.