Your Handy Pronunciation Guide to #WizardKing

IntheToweroftheWizardKingRelease day is almost here (tomorrow!) and I’m quite excited about the prospect. I can’t wait for this to hit readers’ hands!

I realize I use a lot of strange names (Celtic origin) so to help with that, I’ve provided you this handy pronunciation guide. See how much I love my readers? I don’t want you NOT reading the book because Aoife’s name is so hard to figure out. Plus this is a hand little guide to all the people and places of the land. Now without further ado, here’s the guide to all things Wizard King.

Aoife (EE-fa) Burke
Sean (SHAWN) O’Connell
Fiona (FEE-o-nuh) – Aoife’s mother
Niall (NEE-ull) – the “Wizard King” and ruler of Illyia
Deaglan (deck-LAN) – Niall’s father
Cian (KEE-an) – Ruler of Anatolia
Sunnie – Aoife’s half-sister
Liam Burke – Aoife’s step-father
Caleb O’Brien – Sean’s partner
Queen Siobhan (shiv-AWN) – Queen of Anatolia
King Ardan – King of Anatolia
Hugh – Fiona’s father
Bryant – Deputy Director of the Inter-dimensional Portal Protection Agency
Einin (a-NEEN) – Fiona’s mother
Winnie – Fiona’s handmaiden

Anatolia, Cian’s kingdom
Illyria, Niall’s kingdom
Cliffs of Mhothair (MO-air) – where the Towers of Illyria are located
Lambridge Castle – home of Prince Cian
Brookdale – Human realm, where Aoife hails from

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